• 40+


    The Complete Maintenance Treatment A true multi-purpose ‘cure-all’ for engineers: use...

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  • PX24


    Militar y grade protective lubricant Exceptional multi-purpose lubricant formulated to military s...

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  • MoistureRemoverFG


    NSF Registered Dewatering Fluid For use on equipment to displace moisture, particularly after was...

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  • Machine Oil FG

    Machine Oil FG

    NSF H1 General Purpose Lubricant For use in the food industry as a highly effective metal-tometal...

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  • Multi-Lube


    Multi -Purpose Lubricant A versatile light lubricant for use by automotive professionals and the ...

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  • AGL 1

    AGL 1

    Lubricant for electrical equipment Use to displace moisture and protect electrical contacts from ...

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  • Penetrating Oil

    Penetrating Oil

    Use as a highly effective release agent for all types of seized fasteners. • Quickly frees f...

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  • Penetrating Oil FG

    Penetrating Oil FG

    For use in the food & beverage industry on fasteners seized by heat, corrosion, over-tighteni...

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  • Rust Flash

    Rust Flash

    Penetrant with freeze shock action For use on all seized and corroded fasteners. Ideal for bolts ...

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  • Silicone Lubricant

    Silicone Lubricant

    General Purpose Silicone Lubricant Use for plastic-to-plastic lubrication and as a highly effecti...

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  • Silicone Anti-Stick

    Silicone Anti-Stick

    Concentrated Silicone Lubricant High concentration silicone lubricant for demanding applications ...

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  • Silicone FG

    Silicone FG

    NSF H1 Registered Silicone Lubricant Use where friction reduction is required particularly plasti...

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  • Amberglide


    Concentrated PTFE Lubricant A general purpose lubricating oil fortified with high levels of PTFE ...

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  • Dry Film Anti-Stick

    Dry Film Anti-Stick

    Concentrated Dry PTFE Lubricant A concentrated, high PTFE content dry film lubricant for the lubr...

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  • Dry PTFE Lube FG

    Dry PTFE Lube FG

    NSF H1 Registered Dry Lubricant A fine, dry PTFE lubricant for the general lubrication of moving ...

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  • Dry Moly

    Dry Moly

    Dry Molybdenum Disulphide Lubricant For use in high load applications where other lubricants woul...

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  • Copper Anti-Seize Paste

    Copper Anti-Seize Paste

    High Temperature Anti-Seize Use on threaded fasteners to prevent seizing during prolonged mainten...

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  • Assembly Paste FG

    Assembly Paste FG

    Anti-Seize & Assembly Compound Use in the same manner as a traditional Copper Anti-Seize on f...

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  • Gear & Wire Rope Lubricant

    Gear & Wire Rope Lubricant

    Heav y Duty Lubricant Specially formulated for open gears in dusty environments (e.g. quarries) w...

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  • Chainspray


    Chain & Drive Lubricant Use on all types of drive chains, including production line,door mech...

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  • Chain Lube FG

    Chain Lube FG

    Food Grade PTFE Chain Lubricant Ideal for all types of chains and chain driven drive systems. The...

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  • Wire Rope Lubricant

    Wire Rope Lubricant

    Semi-Fluid Wire Rope Grease Designed for the lubrication and corrosion prevention requirements of...

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  • Belt Dressing FG

    Belt Dressing FG

    Adhesive Belt Lubricant Improves grip on all types of belts whilst reducing squeak and prolongs b...

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  • Blue Adhesive Lubricant

    Blue Adhesive Lubricant

    Advanced Multi -Purpose Lubricant A specially formulated blend of high quality mineral and synthe...

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  • Graphite Release Spray

    Graphite Release Spray

    Dry Graphite Lubricant & Release Spray A high purity, dry, concentrated graphite lubricant an...

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  • Ambergrease EXL

    Ambergrease EXL

    Extended Life, Performance Bearing Grease Use on critical, high load bearings and sliding surface...

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  • Ambergrease FG1

    Ambergrease FG1

    Food Grade Performance Grease A high performance multi-purpose grease suitable for all bearing ty...

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  • Ambergrease FG2

    Ambergrease FG2

    High Temperature Bearing Grease For use in the food/beverage industry on all types of plain beari...

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  • Ambergrease FG3

    Ambergrease FG3

    NSF H1 Multi -Purpose Bearing Grease A multi-purpose grease that is ideally suited to general bea...

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  • Hi-Load Lube FG

    Hi-Load Lube FG

    NSF H1 Heav y Duty Bearing Grease Use on heavily loaded bearings and sliding surfaces (e.g. guide...

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  • Food Grease FG

    Food Grease FG

    Multi -Purpose Spray Grease Formulated for use in the food and beverage industry on plain bearing...

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  • White Spray Grease

    White Spray Grease

    Multi -Purpose Spray Grease Ideal for use on vehicle door hinges, on runners, guides, and for ass...

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  • Ambergrease SIL

    Ambergrease SIL

    Pure Silicone Grease Ideal for electric motor spindle lubrication or to protect electronics from ...

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  • AMS4 Silicone Grease

    AMS4 Silicone Grease

    Military Grade Silicone Grease Military & aviation grade XG250 silicone grease for use on rub...

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  • AMS4 Silicone Grease

    AMS4 Silicone Grease

    Militar y Grade Silicone Grease Military & aviation grade XG250 silicone grease for use on ru...

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  • 3H OIL fg

    3H OIL fg

    Food Contact Oil 3H Oil FG is a lubricating and release oil that can be used in applications wher...

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  • Silicone Oil

    Silicone Oil

    Pure Silicone Oil A clear, odourless, pure silicone oil for a wide range of anti-stick and anti-f...

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  • Hydraulic Oil Super 32 FG

    Hydraulic Oil Super 32 FG

    A series of transparent, odourless, fully synthetic hydraulic fluids based on Poly Alpha Olefins ...

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  • Gear Oil Super 150 FG,220 FG,320 FG

    Gear Oil Super 150 FG,220 FG,320 FG

    A series of transparent, odourless, fully synthetic gear oils based on Poly Alpha Olefins (PAO) w...

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  • Multi Oil 32 46 FG

    Multi Oil 32 46 FG

    General purpose highly refined white oils for use in multiple applications such as in selected hy...

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  • LO Oils (FG)

    LO Oils (FG)

    A multi-purpose, semi-synthetic lubricating oil for the food and drink industry. NSF H1 registere...

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