Polymer Processing

  • Formula 6 Silicone Spray

    Formula 6 Silicone Spray

    Medium Duty Silicone Spray Release Agent A general purpose Silicone spray release agent for all t...

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  • Formula 1 & Formula 1 HT

    Formula 1 & Formula 1 HT

    Heav y Duty Silicone Release Agents Heavy duty, high silicone concentration, mould release agent ...

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  • Formula 2

    Formula 2

    Silicone Release Agent For Rubber A medium duty, silicone based release agent formulated to relea...

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  • Formula 8

    Formula 8

    Light duty, silicone mould release agent Light duty, silicone mould release agent that provides a...

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  • Formula 20

    Formula 20

    Painta ble Silicone Release Agent Specialist mould release agent based on a unique active materia...

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  • Silicone Release FG

    Silicone Release FG

    Food Grade Silicone Release Agent A high purity silicone release agent for packaging and moulding...

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  • HD Sil Release

    HD Sil Release

    General Purpose Silicone Mould Release A wet film, general purpose silicone release agent with ex...

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  • PUR 400

    PUR 400

    Silicone Release Agent For PU A silicone release agent that has been specifically formulated to p...

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  • Formula 5

    Formula 5

    Medium duty, non-silicone release agent A medium duty, dry film, non-silicone mould release agent...

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  • Formula 4

    Formula 4

    Non-Silicone Release agent for PVC Excellent release for PVC, Polyurethane elastomers, and other ...

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  • Formula 7

    Formula 7

    Heav y duty, non-silicone release agent A wet film, non-silicone release agent that provides exce...

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  • Formula 10

    Formula 10

    Dry film, non-silicone release agent Highly effective release agent for thermosetting plastics.Pr...

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  • Formula 11

    Formula 11

    Electronic non-silicone release agent A minimal transfer ‘electronic’ grade non-silic...

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  • Non-Silicone Release FG

    Non-Silicone Release FG

    Food Grade Non-Silicone Release Agent A non-silicone release agent with NSF registration for use ...

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  • Formula 12

    Formula 12

    Semi-permanent non-silicone release Non-silicone release agent formulated to release a wide varie...

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  • Formula 14

    Formula 14

    Non-silicone release agent Non-silicone release agent specifically developed for the release of t...

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  • No-Sil Release

    No-Sil Release

    Heav y Duty Non-Silicone Release Agent Provides a wet, heavy duty film for the release of plastic...

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  • Release 100

    Release 100

    solvent based semi-permanent release Specifically formulated to give multiple releases of a wide ...

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  • DP 200

    DP 200

    Semi-permanent silicone release agent A silicone resin based, air-curing, highly durable, dry fil...

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  • MPR 100

    MPR 100

    Ready to use water based silicone emulsion release agent Releases many types of plastic and rubbe...

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  • MPR 200

    MPR 200

    Ready to use water based silicone emulsion release agent Releases many types of plastic and rubbe...

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  • COM 300

    COM 300

    General purpose wa x release agent A general purpose liquid wax release agent effective on the fo...

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  • COM 400

    COM 400

    Semi-permanent release agent for performance composites Releases epoxies, polyester, thermoplasti...

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  • PUR 101

    PUR 101

    Release agent for semi-rigid and integral skin polyurethanes PUR 101 is a specialised mould relea...

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  • PUR 300

    PUR 300

    Mould Release agent for rigid and semirigid polyurethanes Specifically formulated to facilitate t...

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  • ROM 300

    ROM 300

    Water -based, semi-Permanent Rotati onal Moulding Release agent Specially formulated water based ...

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  • RBR 100

    RBR 100

    Semi-permanent rubber release agent A water based, semi-permanent release agent for use in a wide...

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  • RBR 310

    RBR 310

    Release agent for natural , synthetic,and silicone rubbers Concentrated release agent for rubber ...

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  • Ejector Pin Lubricant

    Ejector Pin Lubricant

    Mould tool lubricant A heavy duty, viscous lubricant for ejector pins and other close tolerance m...

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  • Mould Protective

    Mould Protective

    Corrosion inhibitor for mould tools Non-silicone corrosion inhibitor for injection moulding tools...

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  • Green Mould Protective

    Green Mould Protective

    Highly visible corrosion inhibitor Tenacious and long-lasting anti-corrosion treatment for mould ...

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  • Blue Mould Protective FG

    Blue Mould Protective FG

    Highly visible corrosion inhibitor for food packaging A waxy, long lasting coating for mould too...

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  • Tool Guard

    Tool Guard

    Light Green Mould Tool Protective A light green, viscous, protective coating for use on mould too...

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  • Clear Mould Protective

    Clear Mould Protective

    Transparent corrosion inhibitor Use on moulds as a long-term protective during storage. Now with ...

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  • Polymer Remover

    Polymer Remover

    Heav y Duty Mould Cleaner Highly effective and powerful solvent blend developed for use on polyme...

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  • Polyklene R

    Polyklene R

    Injection moulding and extrusion equipment cleaning compound A screw and barrel cleaning compound...

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  • Mould Cleaner

    Mould Cleaner

    General Cleaner For Mould Tools A powerful solvent blend formulated to remove a wide range of com...

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  • Solvent Cleaner FG

    Solvent Cleaner FG

    Food Grade Solvent Cleaner for mould tools A general purpose solvent cleaner that is suitable for...

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  • Polyester Mould Cleaner

    Polyester Mould Cleaner

    Solvent Cleaner for moulds A blend of powerful solvents specifically developed to remove semi-per...

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  • Mould Solv

    Mould Solv

    Solvent cleaner for moulds & tools A medium power, low odour solvent for the general cleaning...

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