ACC Gulf have a wide range of products for most applications and industries giving a solution to the most demanding tasks. As we are a Assembly and MRO and tooling specialist most of the brands we market have applications in most industries. Below are listed just a few brands and relevant applications in key industries. For more in depth information go to the brand section on this site.




Ambersil MRO products have a number of aerospace approvals for critical and non critical applications ACC Silicones have a range of high temperature silicones used in this industry.
Hylomar Gasketing materials are used and approved by Rolls Royce.
Araldite ( Huntsman) adhesives can be used in demanding aerospace applications.


Hylomar have a number of Oil and Gas approvals.
Bondloc Anaerobic materials are used in threadlocking, retaining and sealing applications.
Araldite Epoxies are used in critical oil rig applications.


Ambersil products are listed in the ISSA guide for ship maintenance including fault finding, cleaning and degreasing and metal working. Bondloc have epoxy metal  products used in this industry.


Ambersil protective coatings, metal working and lubricants are used extensively in this industry.Araldite epoxies are used in the building and repair of metro and tram stationsACC Silicones have many silicones used in train manufacture and repair.HPX Tapes have many applications in repair and maintenance


ACC Silicones provide products for the manufacture of all types of panels in white goods manufactureBondloc supply syringe type adhesives in the same industry. Their anaerobics are used in all manufacturing industries.Power Adhesives have products for sign and display stand manufacture.Ambersil Metal Working, Cleaning and Moulding  products are used widely in manufacturing.Beardow Adams and Power Adhesives products are used in mattress making, furniture production and the white goods industry.HPX Tapes can be used in a number of general applications.


Beardow Adams Hot Melt Adhesives are used for Packing, Labeling, Straw attachment and pallet stabilization.Power Adhesives gluesticks and applicators are also used primarily in the Packaging industry.


There are a number of Hylomar products which are used in OEM and servicing vehicles.
Bondloc threadlockers, sealing and instant adhesives are used in engine maintenance.
HPX Tapes have automotive products such as Butyl Sealing Tapes.
Ambersil Cleaners and Lubricants are used for repair and maintenance.



We carry a full range of rivets for this industry in different material combinations.
Available material combinations for these rivets are:
Aluminum, Aluminum/stainless steel and fully stainless steel.
Painted rivets are also available for: Bulbtite, closed end and structural rivets.
For Applying rivets on site we have a range of battery tools to suit all your needs.
These products are available from Gesipa and Dimensions.
Ambersil products can be used in Metal protection and cleaning.


For the Switchgear industry we carry a full range of rivets which include:
Rivet nuts, structural rivets and lockbolts.
All of these are either available from: Avdel, Gesipa, Titgemeyer and Dimension.
Hylomar Universal Blue can also be used in the Switchgear industry.


Multigrip and closed end rivets are suitable for all ducting applications.
These are available from Gesipa, Avdel and Dimension.
HPX Tapes have some applications in this indsustry.


For Container repairs and ULD maintenance we recommend Multigrip and closed end rivets.These are available from: Titgemeyer, Avdel and Dimension.
Ambersil products are used for rust protection.


Structural, closed end and stainless steel rivets can be supplied and used for these types of applications.These rivets are available from Avdel, Gesipa and Dimension.

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