Cleaners & Degreasers

  • Freezer


    Fault detection for electronics Use on electronic circuits to identify thermally intermittent fau...

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  • Duster LO-GWP

    Duster LO-GWP

    Low Global Warming Potential Duster A powerful dry air blast for the removal of loose, dry contam...

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  • Dust Remover

    Dust Remover

    Non-Safety Critical Duster An economical duster developed to meet the market demandfor a non-safe...

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  • Invertible Air Duster

    Invertible Air Duster

    “All angle” duster for electronics A powerful, dry ‘air’ blast for the re...

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  • Air Duster FG

    Air Duster FG

    Food grade duster for electronics Use to remove loose contaminants from electrical equipment. Ide...

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  • Air Duster

    Air Duster

    Non-flammable duster for electronics A high pressure, inert, liquefied gas that safely removes du...

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  • Glass Cleaner

    Glass Cleaner

    For glass and glazing Use on all glazed and ceramic surfaces to remove light soiling and marks. &...

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  • Multi-Surface Polish

    Multi-Surface Polish

    Cleaner and polish for hard surfaces Developed to cut through and remove industrial soiling which...

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  • Gasket Stripper GS5

    Gasket Stripper GS5

    Universal Gasket Stripper Removes in-place gaskets from gearboxes, drives, chain enclosures, and ...

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  • Paint & Graffiti Remover

    Paint & Graffiti Remover

    Powerful Paint Remover A highly effective solution to the difficult problem of removing graffiti ...

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  • BA40 Solvent

    BA40 Solvent

    Aviati on Specified Solvent Cleaner Developed specifically for the demands of the aviation indust...

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  • Fast Clean 200/201

    Fast Clean 200/201

    Extra Fast & Powerful Solvent An advanced degreasing solvent that has both exceptionally fast...

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  • Anti-Static Spray

    Anti-Static Spray

    Dissipates Static Build Up Use on any surface prone to static charge prior to maintenance, or as ...

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  • Universal Screen Cleaner

    Universal Screen Cleaner

    Foaming VDU screen cleaner Removes finger-marks and contamination from visual display units (VDU&...

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  • Label Remover

    Label Remover

    Self-adhesive label and sticker remover An optimum blend of solvent and citrus active ingredients...

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  • SV100


    Anti-tracking insulating varnish Specifically developed to protect electric motors. • Insula...

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  • Acrylic Conformal Coating

    Acrylic Conformal Coating

    Protection for PCB’s Apply to populated PCB’s and electronics to seal out moisture an...

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  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid

    Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid

    General purpose cleaner Suitable for use in ultrasonic baths, this cleaner removes all traces of ...

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  • CCL 100

    CCL 100

    2-in-1 Contact Cleaner Lubricant A versatile product for use on electrical switchgear and electri...

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  • Flux Remover

    Flux Remover

    Flux remover and degreaser Removes flux residues after electronic component repair. The bespoke f...

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  • PCB Cleaner

    PCB Cleaner

    Electronics cleaning solvent Removes light soiling from PCB’s in a wide range of electrical...

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  • IPA Solvent

    IPA Solvent

    Isopropyl Alcohol Cleaning Solvent A gentle yet highly effective alcohol based cleaner for use on...

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  • Contact Cleaner FG

    Contact Cleaner FG

    Designed for electrical component maintenance in the food industry, particularly for on-line prod...

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  • NF Precision Cleaner

    NF Precision Cleaner

    Non-flammable contact cleaner An advanced solvent contact cleaner that is non-flammable and ideal...

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  • Ambertron Contact Cleaner

    Ambertron Contact Cleaner

    Ultra pure contact cleaner Ambersil Ambertron is a premium-grade electronic contact Cleaner desi...

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  • Label & Adhesive Remover FG

    Label & Adhesive Remover FG

    Food grade label & adhesive remover Use for the removal of packaging and transport labels fro...

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  • Ambersolv SB1

    Ambersolv SB1

    Citrus based solvent degreaser A solvent degreaser with added citrus power for use on grease and ...

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  • Lec-Klene


    High flash point solvent degreaser An advanced high flash point solvent degreaser for electronic ...

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  • Amberklene FG

    Amberklene FG

    Biodegradable solvent degreaser A medium/slower evaporation solvent degreaser for use in the food...

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  • SBP11


    Versatile cleaning solvent A complex mix of hydrocarbons that rapidly breaks down grime for effec...

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  • Sugar Remover & Inhibitor FG

    Sugar Remover & Inhibitor FG

    Cleaner For Sugar Deposit Removal Highly effective thin cleaning fluid that penetrates and lifts ...

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  • Traffic Film Remover

    Traffic Film Remover

    Vehicle and plant cleaner Use in automated vehicle exterior cleaning systems for HGV,mass transit...

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  • Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser

    Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser

    Water -based citrus cleaner A powerful yet versatile cleaner and degreaser. Formulated as a compl...

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  • Hard Surface Cleaner

    Hard Surface Cleaner

    Water -based multi -surface cleaner An environmentally preferred non-flammable product that can b...

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  • Stainless Steel Cleaner FG

    Stainless Steel Cleaner FG

    Dual action cleaner and polish For use on all types of stainless steel and other ‘shiny&rsq...

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  • Degreaser FG

    Degreaser FG

    NSF A1 Water Based Degreaser Use to degrease components when a regular solvent degreaser cannot b...

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  • Degreaser RTU

    Degreaser RTU

    Tough Water -Based Degreaser Use to degrease components when a regular solvent cleaner cannot be ...

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  • Ambersolv AB1

    Ambersolv AB1

    Water -based citrus cleaner Water-based cleaner with added citrus power. Use to clean around gear...

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  • Anti-Static Foaming Cleaner

    Anti-Static Foaming Cleaner

    Use to remove general grime and soiling on all surfaces. Particularly effective as a post-mainten...

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    FOOD GRADE FOAM CLEANER Developed for general cleaning in the food industry. Use to remove genera...

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  • White Spirit

    White Spirit

    Petroleum Distillate Solvent Ideal for general, low intensity degreasing of parts and components....

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  • DP17


    Exterior cleaner for trains A mildly alkaline concentrated cleaner for the exterior of trains and...

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  • Yellow Hand Cleaner

    Yellow Hand Cleaner

    Heav y Duty Hand Cleaner For use in engineering workshops for the removal of general grime and he...

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  • Solvent Degreaser

    Solvent Degreaser

    Water rinsable degreaser Use for engine and equipment degreasing which can be washed down, or for...

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  • Solvent Cleaner FG

    Solvent Cleaner FG

    Low Odour Solvent Degreaser Use for the general degreasing of mould tools, bearings, and equipmen...

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  • Industrial Degreaser FG

    Industrial Degreaser FG

    Heav y Duty, Fast Evap orating Solvent Formulated for use in the food/beverage industry to tackle...

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  • Brake Cleaner

    Brake Cleaner

    Automotive Solvent Cleaner Use on all brakes and clutches to remove dust deposits, oil, grease, a...

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  • Amberklene LO30

    Amberklene LO30

    Lower Odour Solvent Degreaser Use for general light degreasing on bearings, motors, gears and cha...

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  • Amberklene ME20

    Amberklene ME20

    Heav y duty solvent Formulated with a slower evaporation rate for longer contact time on heavy gr...

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  • Amberklene FE10

    Amberklene FE10

    Fast drying solvent degreaser Use for the general degreasing of machinery including chains,gears,...

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  • Engineers Wipes

    Engineers Wipes

    Low/zero lint cleaning wipes High quality, extremely low lint dry wipes for use with all Ambersil...

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  • Hard Surface Sanitising Wipes

    Hard Surface Sanitising Wipes

    “No Rinse Required” Sanitising Wipes Hard surface sanitising wipes developed for the ...

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  • Hand Cleaning Wipes

    Hand Cleaning Wipes

    Ready to use hand & tool wipes Use for cleaning light to moderate grime and oil from tools,ha...

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  • Tough Wipes

    Tough Wipes

    High absorbency hand cleaning wipe High absorbency hand wipes over-layered with a polymer web for...

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  • Solvent Free Hand Cleaner

    Solvent Free Hand Cleaner

    Natural Hand Cleaner For use in engineering workshops for the removal of general grime and oil fr...

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Degreasers and Cleaners in UAE

Degreasers are effective cleaning solutions that have been specifically designed to eliminate grease, grime, oil, and other tough contaminants from various surfaces and objects. While some degreasers are water-based, others are made using powerful chemical solvents to provide maximum cleaning strength. Due to their versatility and potency, they are commonly used in industrial and commercial settings.

In a workplace setting, it's imperative that contaminants be avoided at all costs. These can originate from spills, routine procedures, or even something as seemingly harmless as fingerprints. Their presence poses a risk of slipping and can lead to issues such as overheating, interference, and corrosion in machinery, making them completely unacceptable. When it comes to finding a reliable and effective degreaser and cleaner in UAE, look no further than our company. We come highly recommended by markets in the region, and for good reason. We pride ourselves on the quality and range of our products, and our commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none. While there may be other degreasers available in the UAE, we are confident that none can match the quality and effectiveness of our products. Give us a try and experience the difference for yourself!

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