• Cold Galvanise

    Cold Galvanise

    Zinc Rich Protective Coating Provides cathodic protection to ferrous metals. Ideal for pipes, hou...

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  • Bright Cold Galvanise Zinc Spray

    Bright Cold Galvanise Zinc Spray

    Bright Cold Galvanise Zinc Spray For Hot-Dip Galvanised Steel Bright, Cold Galvanise Zinc Spray g...

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  • Galvanising Spray Zinc Rich

    Galvanising Spray Zinc Rich

    High Temperature , Rapid Drying Paint Use on metals subjected to intermittent high temperatures s...

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  • Galva Shine

    Galva Shine

    Aesthetic Protective Coating Offers an exact colour match to architectural hybrid zinc alloy galv...

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  • Corrosion Inhibitor

    Corrosion Inhibitor

    Waxy anti-corrosion treatment Use on ferrous metals as a long-term protective coating for stored ...

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  • Battery Terminal Protector

    Battery Terminal Protector

    Anti-Corrosion Terminal Treatment Protects battery terminals on fork lift trucks and generators f...

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  • Alu Hi-Temp

    Alu Hi-Temp

    High temperature corrosion protection Use on furnace doors, boiler casings, drying ovens, foundry...

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  • Inox 200

    Inox 200

    Protective coating for stainless steel Use on glass-pearl-blasted stainless steel as a touch-up p...

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  • Zinc Primer

    Zinc Primer

    Multi -purpose metal primer Zinc phosphate primer promotes adhesion of top-coat paint to ‘d...

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  • Rust Converter

    Rust Converter

    Restores Corroded Metal Passivates and binds rust to form a sound, paintable, protected surface. ...

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  • Marker PenS

    Marker PenS

    Acrylic paint marker pens Can be used for metal working/fabrication,electrical installations, civ...

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  • Acrylic Paint

    Acrylic Paint

    Colour Matched Protective Coatings Vibrant acrylic paint for the repair and touch-up of painted s...

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  • Galva Colour

    Galva Colour

    2-in-1 Anti-Corrosion Primer And Colour Top Coat Use on surfaces which have surface rust, old pai...

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