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Bound to last from the first page to the very last,we produce hot melts that provide outstanding spine gluing, side gluing and tip-in performance.Our incomparable bookbinding adhesives give superior page pull strength and assured bonding, creating durable spines that can be trimmed just 30 seconds after binding.

  • PUR Hotmelts for all print finishing needs, including: perfect binding, drawn on cover work, rounding and backing, multishot systems, side gluing, tip ins
  • Spine glues capable of running at machine speeds from 1,000 to over 18,000 clamps per hour
  • Hot melt adhesives suitable for fast in line trimming
  • Primers for use in two shot binding operations
  • Hot melt adhesives that adhere to a wide range of paper and cover stocks
  • Side glues with open times to cope with various machine speeds
  • Peelable or permanent pressure sensitive adhesives for tip ins
  • Products available in bulk

The adhesives offer good adhesion to:

  • Art papers
  • Heavily coated papers
  • Cross grain papers
  • Wood free papers
  • Newsprint
  • Velum
  • Plastics and metallised foils used for tip ins

Successes have been achieved in:

  • Recyclability - spine glues that retain their integrity under the repulping processes used in papermaking, enabling the adhesive to be removed by filtration
  • Resistance to residual ink solvents
  • Low odour
  • Clean running
  • Improved lay flat properties
  • Fast in line trimming

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