Hylomar® Universal Blue
The leading non-setting gasket & jointing compound available today. The product can be used to replace a traditional gasket or to “dress” it to significantly improve the performance of the gasket.

  • Non-hardening
  • Wide operating temperature range (-50 to +250ºC)
  • Fuel resistant

Pack size - 40g tube (blister card),40g tube (carton), 100g tube (carton),350g (cartridge)

Hylomar® M/L/H
The original and genuine non-setting gasket and jointing compound specified by OEM’s around the world.

  • Manufactured under licence from Rolls-Royce
  • Dichloromethane free
  • Wide operating temperature range (-50 to +250ºC)
  • Fuel resistant

Pack sizes - 40ml tube (blister card),80ml tube (carton), 200ml aerosol,200ml Autopress, 250ml brush-top tin,300ml cartridge & 1 litre tin.

Hylomar® Cleaner
Removes used Hylomar gasket & jointing compound from disassembled joints.
Pack size - 400ml aerosol

Hylomar® Advanced Formulation & AFHV

  • Fills imperfections on mating surfaces thus forming a seal.
  • Wide operating temperature range (-50 to +250ºC)
  • No gap filling – metal to metal contact
  • Resistant to oil, fuel and many other chemicals
  • Solvent Free

Pack sizes - 85g tube, 250ml tin, 300ml cartridge

Hylomar® Aerograde & Hylomar® Aerograde Ultra
Hylomar® Aerograde PL32

The original non-setting gasket & jointing compound approved by Rolls-Royce and NATO.
Pack size - 100g tube
Hylomar® Aerograde Ultra PL32A
Non-chlorinated solvent version of Aerograde carrying Rolls-Royce approval. Can be used as a direct replacement for Aerograde PL32.
Pack size - 75ml tube

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