• Gear & Wire Rope Lubricant

    Heav y Duty Lubricant Specially formulated for open gears in dusty environments (e.g. quarries) w...

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  • Chainspray

    Chain & Drive Lubricant Use on all types of drive chains, including production line,door mech...

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  • Chain Lube FG

    Food Grade PTFE Chain Lubricant Ideal for all types of chains and chain driven drive systems. The...

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  • Wire Rope Lubricant

    Semi-Fluid Wire Rope Grease Designed for the lubrication and corrosion prevention requirements of...

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  • Belt Dressing FG

    Adhesive Belt Lubricant Improves grip on all types of belts whilst reducing squeak and prolongs b...

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  • Blue Adhesive Lubricant

    Advanced Multi -Purpose Lubricant A specially formulated blend of high quality mineral and synthe...

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  • Graphite Release Spray

    Dry Graphite Lubricant & Release Spray A high purity, dry, concentrated graphite lubricant an...

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  • Ambergrease EXL

    Extended Life, Performance Bearing Grease Use on critical, high load bearings and sliding surface...

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  • Ambergrease FG1

    Food Grade Performance Grease A high performance multi-purpose grease suitable for all bearing ty...

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Ambersil Award

This week we were delighted to be awarded the highest growth account for CRC in 2022. This would ...


Visit to our distributor in Saudi Arabia

Last week we visited our Ambersil and Hylomar distributor in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. It was great t...

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